“Met these guys at the LA County Fair last weekend. Not only are the watches beautiful, but the people involved in the company are awesome too! I ended up picking up 2 watches. This one, the Bora Bora, and the Cordoba I think it’s called. Both watches are fantastic.
I love this one because it is a great everyday watch.

Thanks for the great service JACE team!”


“I have a few Jace watches but this one is my FAVORITE! It’s sleek, durable and goes with any outfit either dressy or casual. I wear it everywhere! Love, love it!”


“So cute!
This is my second JACE watch. Love this one. It’s it cute and light and goes with almost anything.”


“OMG!! FIRST WHAT CAN I SAY!! I GET SO MANY COMPLIMENTS ON THIS WATCH!! Everyone loves the color of it!! I wear it with everything. I love the band, the facing and the way it fits. GREAT! Plan on buying more.Excellent shipping and 100% leather!”


“I just want to say that I love my watch. I wore it during the rain and the band did not get messed up at all. I wear it everyday. They have excellent shipping and it is for sure 100% leather. I would highly recommend purchasing a Jace Watch!!!”


“I really love the color of this watch band. It goes well with most outfits. The packaging is very nice in quality and shipping is great.”

Alexandra minchaca

“Got this watch as a wedding gift and let me tell you it is by far my favorite accessory . Color is perfect can dress it down or dress it up the leather feels great super confortable to wear all day. Can’t wait to purchase a second JACE watch for myself 🙂 .”

Margie Tizon

“Wasn’t enough that I bought a JACE for myself and my husband, had to get one for my daughter too. Because of it’s unique style and color she wears it more often than her other watches. Definitely worth it. The packaging is also unique and of high quality, didn’t even have to wrap it up, perfect for gift giving!”